Why You should make Yourself and your Passions a Priority


Hey. I think we know each other? LOL ☺️

I missed you guys soooo much. This past week was a mess! I realized I worked 7 days straight, the video I filmed was blurry, and I have something going on in my personal life that’s taking up quite a bit of my free time. (I’m excited about sharing details with you later.)

While juggling all of the above, I lost control of my blogging schedule.

The tipping point was when a co-worker asked me to work his shift the only day I had someone available to shoot photos of me for my blog. I said yes, because he needed to study. (I have a soft spot for people who work and go to school. I get how stressful it is, so I was happy to help.)

I figured I would film instead, because that I can do on my own. No biggie, right?

Well like I said, the video turned out a mess even though I filmed it three times!!! And I missed my opportunity to gather this week’s blog photos. 😭

Good thing is it taught me a lesson!

It’s essential for us to prioritize what’s important to us. Many may not understand, but if we do, that’s all we need. Prior to this week, I may have felt ridiculous saying or even thinking, “No. Sorry. I can’t XYZ, because I have my blog to work on.” But now? I may not share the details, but I won’t be feeling silly any longer.

This applies to you too! Maybe it’s your Wednesday workout, painting, lying on the couch with your dog to watch your favorite show or washing your hair! Who cares?! If it’s a priority to you and even more, your passion, you have to give it the importance it deserves.

It’s key to feeling happy and fulfilled! 🙂

Have you ever had a similar a-ha! moment? LOL Also, what’s your special thing you prioritize?

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