Whole30 Week 2 Results

HIII loves 🙂

How are you all doing? I hope great!

Today I am reporting back with how week 2 of Whole30 went by the day. I do these so that if you are in the process of Whole30 or are thinking of doing it, you can have an idea of what to expect. 🙂

How I felt

Let’s just say that I did not cry this time around, but this week was harder than the first for me.

Monday I woke up and my stomach was t i g h t. It has been a loooooooong time since I’ve felt it that way which was nice. However, come lunch I was so bloated!

I stayed bloated until Tuesday. I would say that if you get bloated as well while on this challenge don’t freak out. It’s normal. Even the book says so.

Wednesday was a good day. I got a really great cardio session in. Working out alway makes me feel sane again.

Thursday was more difficult because 1. we were low on groceries and 2. we went to the rodeo. I only had eggs and bacon available, so I ate that for breakfast and lunch. Honestly, after this challenge I never want to eat eggs again LOL. I looked in the Whole30 cook book for alternate breakfast ideas, and all they have are eggs. #pullsouthair #throwseggsoutthewindow

I was so grumpy!

Also, I don’t understand how bacon is approved but not legumes. I personally find it so much better for your body to consume lentils than bacon. The bacon made me feel so gross. I don’t think I ever want to eat it again.

Also, being on this diet makes you realize how much you may love to eat and drink for social reasons.

Cuddle bug and I went to go see Luke Bryan. It took me a good hour to get over not being able to have any alcohol or enjoy the typical rodeo goodies. But I stuck it through, and I am happy that I did. 🙂

Friday was again a challenge, because we still didn’t have any groceries. Since we went to the concert and got home late we did not grocery shop so I had… you guessed it… EGGS for breakfast and lunch. I was so annoyed! LOL After work we had last minute guests swing by so I did not eat a real meal ’til like 11 at night. It was terrible (for my mood and metabolism).

Saturday and Sunday were really really miserable for me, because I caught a cold. All I wanted was comfort food like muffins, soup and hot coco.


Bacon is bad. It’s all fat. Whole30 approved or not, I don’t see the value in having it.

Cough drops have soy which is Whole30 banned…. UGH.

Cough syrup makes my stomach BURN. Maybe I never noticed before, because I had grains and such to absorb it. Or maybe I attributed the sensation to something else, but it REALLY makes my stomach burn.

Please don’t be discouraged by my mood swings. The point is, if I would have better planned my meals, I wouldn’t have suffered so much hah.

This diet can be simple if you plan your meals. It’s when you don’t plan that things go downhill.


I’ve lost another four lbs! That makes it a whopping nine!!! I can tell that I look thinner, but it’s not registering exactly how much I’ve lost. I do want to say that the skirt in the photos did not fit me three weeks ago, and now it does. 🙂

*Disclaimer* You’re not supposed to weigh yourself during this challenge, but I honestly can’t help it. I like to know! LOL I’m happy to say that I am not consumed by the scale though. I know that I did not gain all of this weight in a week, hence I can’t expect to lose it too quickly. I know that consistency brings results, and I feel so much more confident and ME again that even if I don’t lose any more weight, I will be happy!

I hope you find these recaps helpful! Let me know if you decide to give it a go.



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6 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 2 Results

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  • Reply Johanna March 21, 2017 at 11:28 am

    You are really motivating me to do it! You are so real about it LOL loving it .. 🙂

    • Reply Zayda March 21, 2017 at 12:40 pm

      Yay! I really recommend this to anyone because you’re never hungry it’s just intuitive eating and the biggest struggle is overcoming that mental hurdle. You can do it love! Lmk if you do it so I can boost you!!! And thank you for reading

  • Reply Faye Daramsis March 20, 2017 at 8:00 am

    I love hearing the behind the scenes of a full time hard working woman doing Whole30 😀 it’s interesting, entertaining and I’m sure helpful to people doing it. ALSO, I LOVE your outfit and the hoopies and these pictures in general.

    • Reply Zayda March 21, 2017 at 12:41 pm

      Thank you boo! Love you and your boosts!!!! You understand more than anyone the struggle and rewards of staying consistent even when you’re at work and busy 🙂

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