Birthday Weekend in Austin

Hi loves!

Allen and I visited Austin, TX this weekend and thought I would share my experience with you for ideas of what to do in Austin for the weekend.

Our weekend started off withpartying strong, followed by some relaxation and ended with some “work”.

So we began our weekend at Rainey St. Someone once said “this is where the beautiful people go to party”, and I totally agree! It’s a lot more upscale than 6th street, because I mean, the drinks don’t taste like left over frat party juice LOL.

Our first stop was Lucille’s. This place has a gorgeous patio, hammocks in included. My sister thought it snowed, but it didn’t. Their floor is just covered in a white granite, which I love. They also sell drinks rimmed with Tajin. OMG they’re my fave for that reason. #mexigirlprobs

As you can see, Rainey Street is made up of renovated homes, much like the ones you would see in the Houston Heights. That’s probably why I am in love with the aesthetic.

We bar hopped to like 8 different places. One of them was the Parlor Room. Can you see how cool this place looks? We were the only two there because we started partying at 6 p.m. HAHA.

I’ll never feel like an official blogger ’til I nail down the “I’m looking at the floor, but still somehow look so cute and polished” look. I look so silly doing it ahah.

And then I ripped my favorite black jeans, because there was a nail sticking out of the bench. I still had fun tho.

After all that fun, we stopped to get Nutella donuts and Pad Thai from one of the food trucks on Rainey St. I’m supposed to be eating clean, but it was my birthday so I wilded OUT. LOL #payingforitnow

The next day, we planned to go bike riding at Lady Bird Lake (that’s our favorite thing to do) but it was so cold, and I did not want to further irritate my throat. Oh and yeah I was a… *ahem* hung over. LOL Sunglasses and Advil, yup. I can’t hang anymore ha.

We still went for about an hour walk and stopped by the dog park. SO MANY cuties in sight!

Come lunch time, we decided to go to Cenote, because the last time I went there I had THE best migas of my life! I thought about them for months! Unfortunately, I think they changed cook or something. They were missing something. Does that happen to you? You love something and fantasize about it, but when you have it again it’s just not the same? It was still yum though. Allen got the OMG breakfast and DAYUM OMG for sure! LOL

While we were eating, I thought it would be fun to go to a flea market or second hand store to look for a rug, so we ended up going to the City Wide Garage Sale at the Palmer Events Center.

Allen bought me a beautiful vintage painting from Japan. I can’t wait to show y’all in an upcoming home tour!

The rest of the day, we went shopping at SOCO (South Congress shopping district). Here you will find a lot of adorable (pricey) boutiques, and lines up to an hour and a half long to eat. LOL

We shopped at AA (as you may know, they are closing) 🙁 I did not find anything new (I own like half the store I think). Allen got his beanie. We went on Friday and Saturday haha. That is why you see him wearing it all weekend.

A lot of people were raving about Home Slice Pizza, so we decided to try it. We literally waited an hour and a half to eat, (you can see Allen starting to eat my cheeks, because he was so hungry LOL) but it was worth it! It was delicious. I higggghhhly recommend their greek salad. It was my favorite thing all weekend.

Doesn’t Allen look like a Ninja Turtle here? Pizza included HAHAH.

The last day, my main concern was to film a look book video . At first we planned on trying Franklin’s BBQ, because it’s supposed to be the best in the world. People wait in lines, and no one can skip. Kanye West allegedly went here and the restaurant “made him wait his turn”. Who knows? *Kanye Shrug*. Oh and Obama was said to have eaten here too.

The restaurant opens at 11. That is when we arrived. As you can see there was a super long line already. The group in front of me brought drinks and chairs HAHA. Franklin’s does provide chairs as well which is nice. They have a host who will come by, give you an ETG (estimated time of grubbing). Even though we arrived at 11, the wait was going to be 3 hours and they could not guarantee that they would have all of the menu available. So we left and went to….

Taco Joint! Which I really liked hehe.

And finally, we got around to filming a video of my birthday outfit!!!

We hung out at Zilker Park for a while, got some Starbucks and dipped home!

It was a very much needed and expectedly romantic weekend.

Where do you HAVE to go when you visit Austin? Please let me know! There are so many cool places, I just can’t keep up.



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  • Reply Jacks February 1, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    I seriously love this because Im thinking of going back for my bday as well, so its give me new places to try !! & you right rainey street is everything!!!

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