The Ultimate Guide for Successful Shopping at Forever 21

Hey loves!

You don’t have to spend a lot to look fly. Am I right?

This weekend, I posted a photo on my Instagram, and I received so many compliments on my top! Cool thing is that this top is from Forever 21, and it is only $15!!!

P.S. I wore it with my favorite bra cus the top is see-through. I wrote a post about this amazing strapless AND backless bra here .

Anyway, I figured today that I would share my tips for finding gorgeous pieces at Forever 21. I get that shopping at inexpensive stores can be a MAJOR hit or miss depending on what you buy.

Let’s get into it!

Look at Fabrics

There are two things when it comes to fabrics that you should consider: Colors/Prints and Quality.

As for prints and colors, I prefer solid colors, as they tend to look more lux.

I also look at the quality of the fabric.

Does it pass for something that could be sold at a more upscale store? Does it look like something that will last even after I wash it? Do I look my age?

I’ll have some examples of nice pieces at the end of this post!

Web Exclusives

Forever 21 tends to hold its nicer pieces as web exclusives. If you go to the top tab, you shop edits and see them all listed there.

Don’t be Afraid to Size Up

The name is Forever 21 for a reason. The clothes can be tiny when you are over 21 LOL! Although I am a smaller size in other stores, I find that I usually have to size up. Nothing looks more polished than an outfit that actually fits.

Tailor It

Speaking of fit, sometimes the only thing between you and a bomb ass outfit is how it is tailored! This could mean hemming your pants or the sleeves. Do not be afraid (or too lazy) to invest a little bit on tailoring an item, as this will help you get more use out of it!

Mix and Match

When wearing an inexpensive item, you can easily elevate your look by mixing in a classic. Whether that is a Levi’s pair of jeans, a designer bag or some really great shoes! I don’t recommend wearing any store or brand from head to toe.

Search the HashTag #F21xMe

There are thousands upon thousands of items to choose from at Forever 21. Search their hashtag on Instagram for a fun and time efficient way to find new items, as well as to see how they actually fit/look on normal girls! #instastalkingisthebest

I hope these tips help! Do you have any tricks for shopping for inexpensive yet gorgeous pieces?

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