Houston Make Up Artist Learns to LOVE her Body + Auditions to be the Next Face of Torrid

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Welcome back for the second post on my new series where I interview women who are interesting, inspiring, going after what they want and are beautiful inside and out!

Today we have Alejandra! She is a Houston make up artist killing the game and conquesting confidence! She recently auditioned to be the next face of Torrid, and today is going to share her story to self love!

Zayda: Hi Ale, Can you tell us about your journey to self-love?

Alejandra: Growing up, I was teased because of the way that I looked. I wasn’t Mexican enough for Mexicans or Asian enough for Asians. (I felt like Selena lol.) On top of that, I’ve always been big while being surrounded by friends that looked like beautiful models. While they were buying two piece bikinis and piercing their belly buttons, I would go to the mall and not find anything to wear. I used to cry in the dressing room. I was angry at myself. However I always thought, “I can’t be big AND unconfident.” Because of that I created a phasad. I thought to myself, “I’m not going to let you bring me down. I will look confident!”

I’ve never let my weight stop me from doing something that I wanted to do.

Torrid Auditions

This is how I lived my life. Until recently when I took a trip to Denver to hike. When I went, I couldn’t hike! I was tired. I couldn’t breath.

I then realized that I needed to be healthier, physically and mentally. I’m not trying to get skinny. I’m trying to do what I want to do.

“The time I am wasting being sad, I could use to be happy and embrace myself, “I thought. ” I’m either going to do something about it or accept this body I am in. I can’t change it overnight, but putting in work will make me feel more confident.”

When I returned home to Houston, I began a health journey. I started to exercise and “diet”. I hate calling it that, but I was making better eating choices. 🙂

Zayda: What changes occurred as you reframed your mentality and goals?

Alejandra: As I gained more confidence through my self-care routine, I gained motivation in other ways too. I’ve gotten more comfortable in styling myself and exposing myself in real life and through social media alike. Which I like to do, because its important to me for women who look like me to see someone they can relate to. I think this translates into women as a whole feeling more comfortable and confident.

Zayda: Is that why you auditioned to be the next face of Torrid?


For starters, a lot of plus sized brands have the misconception that women want to hide their bodies therefore sell clothes that are way too mature. Torrid is a store that offers in-style options, so I shop there often. However, even with their in-style options, I still feel like the plus sized woman isn’t represented well enough. I want to see girls who don’t necessarily have a flat stomach. When I found out that they would be coming to the Houston Galleria for auditions, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and signed up!

Torrid Auditions

Torrid Auditions

Zayda: How did the audition go?

Alejandra: It went really well! I sent in my head and full body shots and a 90 second video where I shared my thoughts on diversity and inclusion! When I went to the in person casting there was an abundance of beautiful women with the same mission. I made a few new friends, and now I am waiting to hear back! No matter the outcome, I’m happy that I went, because we all owe it to ourselves to take opportunities! No one will do it for you, and I never want to live with a “what if?” So we will see!

Zayda: What advice do you give women who are dealing with body image issues?

Alejandra: I have two sets of advice. One set is emotional and the other is for shopping!

1. Emotional Advice:

  • If you feel like you don’t like something think of what you can do to feel better and take action!
  • Surround yourself with uplifting people
  • Own your body! There is no standard you need to follow
  • Remember that You are beautiful because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

Everyone has insecurities. It’s a struggle, but why be unhappy and miserable? It’s a choice! Choose to be happy!

2. Shopping Advice:

  • Try on different silhouettes until you find the ones that suit you
  • Play up your favorite features like for me its my shoulders
  • Build a wardrobe around a few basics that fit you really well
  • Go to the stores that you know cater to you
  • Always shop with a coupon boo LOL

Thank you so much to Alejandra for sharing her vulnerable moments and personal victories with us! I know that many of us can relate, and I look forward to seeing what’s next for her!

Torrid Auditions in Houston

You can follow Alejandra’s journey too!

Catch her fabulous OOTD photos here, photos of her makeup artistry here and her Youtube channel here.

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