My Spring Wishes


Hi Loves!

When does Spring officially start? I know Spring Break is next week, but I’m old so what that really means to me is, um, nothing. LOL

Either way, I look forward to the seasons changing and my adult fun!

My main priorities include:

  1. Warmer evenings, so that so that if I jog after sunset I won’t freeze my butt off.

2. Have a picnic. That was something I pictured myself doing when I moved. I plan on surprising cuddle bug with some new dishes out at the park.

3. Go on vacation! I’m going to Coachella with one of my best friends and I cannot wait!!!!

4. Buy a new floral dress.

5. Have a margarita on a patio for lunch with friends.

6. Finish this mother fu**ing Whole 30 Challenge,  because so far I’ve been so emotional without my tall iced coffee with no classic and 2 stevia. LOL #cries

Only one thing I am not looking forward to this Spring, and that is my best friend moving to another state. 🙁 But I can always visit 🙂 #SummerVacation2017

What are you looking forward to this Spring? Oh and have you done the Whole 30 challenge before? How was your experience?



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