My Pure Barre Review

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I told you I was going to give you my Pure Barre review today!

To make this simple I am going to talk about why I decided to look into Pure Barre and ultimately join, what it is, and lastly the pros and cons of the program!

Ready? Let’s go! *Cheerleader voice*


Well, I think it’s no secret that I’ve gained some weight, again.

Ya’ll know it’s a struggle for me to keep a healthy weight and body image. You can read about my body confidence journey here .

Seriously, is my middle name Oprah? LOL I’m still confident in my skin as a person, but let me be real, I have not felt 100. So midway through December, I decided to start working out again. Easy right? Meh. Not for me. I stopped working out around October, and so, lost every little bit of motivation or energy I had within me. I knew that I needed something to help PUSH me in the right direction again. That is when I looked into Pure Barre!

So what is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is a low impact, total body work out.

How does that even make sense? LOL Most total body workouts require a lot of moving and jumping, right?

Pure Barre’s Breakdown:

“Each Pure Barre class is 55 minutes and begins with a warm-up in the center of the room, on the floor, and then standing with light weights to work those arm muscles. We’ll then move to the barre to work your thighs and your seat. After the seat work, you’ll do a series of ab exercises, followed by a cool down.”- Pure Barre website.

So as you read, it’s a fast class, broken down into parts that target your entire body AND it’s done mainly on the floor with light weights, and I mean 2-4 lb weights at the heaviest!

It’s a lazy girl’s dream!!!!!

My breakdown is this:

You start off each class with a warm up. This usually includes pulling your knees up to your chest or chin, and stretching your arms up. This type of movement will get your heart pumping, fast. It also is simple enough for anyone to do.

Then you can grab a pair of weights, all from 2-4 lbs. (Some women don’t use the weights period.) I thought this was a joke, because at the gym I can do up to 20 lbs per arm, but trust me, it will burn! This is because you will do a LOT of pulsing in this class, and you will NOT put down the weights for about 5-6 minutes. So yeah, it will BURN, but it is doable.

Then you move on to the thighs and “seat” aka butt. All of the movements that are targeted towards this area will be without weights, against the barre, (Think of a dance room. You know, a barre like the ones ballerinas use?) and you will pulse and clench your legs and butt away. And just like the arms, where you keep going without rest, you will be burning up!

I’ve included these two demonstrations from the Pure Barre website that show what the movements look like for the thighs and bum. Think about keeping these postures going for long periods of time, while clenching and pulsing like I said.

After come my two favorite sections of the class- Abs and Stretch!

The ab movements are intense!!! My friend took Pure Barre classes throughout her pregnancy and said you could see her obliques! I was like, “DAMN! Get it Sarah Stage!”

The stretching feels AMAZING. The instructor always comes by to give you a little nudge to improve your flexibility like pushing you down or correcting your form.

Oh and just so that you know, the environment is very friendly. There’s women of all ages from college girls to older ladies who are probably grandmother’s in one class. The website says men are allowed, but it is definitely women attending these classes. Also, the instructors always learn your name and help you with your form even when the class is full (about 15 people).

Alrightly, alrighty, so do I recommend Pure Barre?

Yes and No.

Let me list the Pros and Cons.


  • If you prefer low intensity yet effective work outs because you’re either injured, pregnant or are not a fan of heavy weights or moving a lot then this class is great
  • The studios are beautiful
  • You don’t need shoes, just socks LOL
  • The instructors will give you personal attention during class no matter how many women are in the session- This is helpful when you need guidance with a move
  • It’s a class environment so you have the opportunity to make friends and workout buddies
  • The class is always the same, so there’s a big opportunity to really master the technique of the movements- great for people who don’t know much about exercise
  • There is an app you can use to check class times and studios, also book your classes. They even add the class into your phone’s calendar. It’s so fab
  • You can attend ANY studio in the country with your monthly membership (open barre pass)


  • If you prefer high intensity workouts like HIIT, plyometrics, or weights then you will be bored or not as challenged in this class
  • If you do not like being around others then you will probably be frustrated surrounded by like 15 people at one time
  • If you are looking for big muscles then this class is not for you. The look this class will give is lean yet toned
  • You will be charged $15 if you sign up for a class via the app and do not show/cancel. Ouch
  • Membership is expensive as heck. The first month is $100 for 30 days of unlimited classes. Then it jumps up to $189. OUCH x 100 – Noted, you will receive discounts if you sign up for long term memberships, but since the workout is the same, always, I would imagine one would be bored

Ultimately, I think the decision depends on you! At the end of the day, it’s all about what makes YOU feel happy, challenged and healthy! That’s what is important.

I signed up for the class to regain momentum, and that is what I received. I did not expect to see a body transformation, because right after the first class I realized that I was barre-ly sweating lol. I’m used to high intensity cardio and squatting up to 100+ lbs for my “seat”.

I’m on to a new venture now that I have motivation back! I will more than likely share with you my experience with you concerning my new work out plan in the future! If you’re curious and want to know a little more about my daily journey, and what I am doing, you can follow along on my new Twitter account!

What do you think of Pure Barre !? Would you join? Have you tried it?

See you next weeeeek.



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  • Reply Yasmeen Gomez January 20, 2017 at 8:01 am

    I have such a hard time maintaining a “good figure” although like you said, I’m always confident with my body. I love your post!

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