The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing a Petite (and curvy) Body

When you’re only 5 feet tall… or should I say short, dressing for your petite body type can be daunting.

Typical challenges include finding clothing pieces that are the right length, purses that aren’t overpowering against your tiny figure…even finding shoes!

Now imagine dealing with all of this, and then adding the terms “curvy” and “thick” into the equation.

Not all petite ladies are itty-bitty…

Fortunately, I have some tips for you curvy, petite women!

Before I begin, I want to say that fashion is supposed to be fun! Not every “rule” will apply across the board, and ultimately you should dress how you feel best.

There are no limitations, but these are tips that work for me.

If you have a similar body type these may suit you as well.


  • V-Necks & Off the Shoulder (Bardot) Tops

These give the illusion of a longer neck, and thus you’ll look taller.

I have an obsession with Bardot tops because they are sexy, flirty but do not show cleavage. 🙂

  • Nude Shoes

This color elongates your legs, because the shoes mesh into your skin.

  • Get your pants hemmed

It looks silly when your pants scrunch at the bottom or drag over the floor.

  • Above the knee Skirts and Dresses

They tend to be the most flattering, because they create the look of longer legs.  Don’t go hoochie mama short. When a skirt cuts off at the widest part of your thigh, it makes them look wider thus shorter.


  • Thigh High Boots

So hot if they stop at the right spot, which is right above the knee. Don’t go too high up, because just like the hoochie mama skirts that cut off at the widest part of the leg, thigh highs can also disfavor you.

  • Maxi Dresses, Bell Bottoms, Wide Leg Trousers

These 3 can be tricky…make sure that the fabric covers your feet and wear them with a heel or wedge.

  • Culotte Bottoms

This style is definitely a trend. Petite ladies can pull them off when paired with the right shoe. Try them with an open toe, elevated shoe. Also, aim for culottes that stop closer to your knee, not ankle.


  • Make sure your purse straps aren’t too long …

It doesn’t look so good when your purse reaches your knees. I gravitate towards purses with adjustable or detachable straps.

  • Pants with a thick fold and Shoes with Very thick ankle straps

Both of these styles create the same issue…cuts your leg off at the ankle. Try to let your pants run as long as they can and if you go with an ankle strap, choose a thin one.

  • Cuffed Shorts

If your bottoms are cuffed, they add circumference to your thighs, making them appear wider, and stumpier. I usually roll mine down.

  • Too much of a Platform

Personally, I think rounded, close toe platform shoes make short people look even shorter. I do wear them during the winter, because it’s annoying to have exposed toes when it’s cold.

  • Bombshell/ Wonder Bras

Don’t do tooooo much padding on the boobs. It can overpower your small figure.


I’ve compiled a list of my favorite stores that cater to petite figures.


I love Topshop for their petite line and jeans. My go-to style is the Jamie jean. If Jamie was a guy, I would marry him. If you wear a size 5 shoe be cautious of their sizing. In my experience, their 5’s always fit like 6’s.


ASOS carries all things petite. Shoes and clothing. 🙂

They translate their merchandise from European sizing to American.  That sometimes is tricky, but not to worry because shipping is free both ways.


Lulus does not carry petite clothing, but they do carry a large selection of size 5 and 5.5 sized shoes at GREAT prices.

Gap, Old Navy, J Crew

These 3 shops carry petite size clothing online. Old Navy’s Rockstar Jean will make your bum look lush and is a much more affordable option.


I have not bought anything from their petite selection, but it is nice to have the option. The shoes in my photos are from there. 🙂

If you ever are in need of petite fashion inspo,

I would suggest you check out these ladies

Shakira, Salma Hayek, Reese Witherspoon, Hayden Panettiere, Kourtney Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon (ultimate petite and thick babe), and of course ME hahah. Follow me on Instagram where I share my outfits.

Any cool tips for dressing for your body type? Petite and curvy, or not, leave them below. I want allll of us to look and feel our best!



Shop my fave Petite Picks below 🙂

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