Pat Yourself on the Back

Hey loves!

When was the last time you stopped for a second to pat yourself on the back?

I know these are few and far in between for me. Many times I’m thinking of everything left to do, that I forget to stop and thank myself! Heck, many times I even feel guilty for feeling tired or for having still so much to go!

Truth is there will always be another thing to do, but that shouldn’t take away from all that you’ve accomplished no matter how small.

I want to share a little list of victories I’ve had recently, in hopes that you’ll list yours! I find that listing my victories motivates me to keep going and brings me such a huge sense of accomplishment (and happiness)!

Here we gooooo:

I finally waxed my mustache…

Lmao didn’t anyone tell you that hairy girls are the prettiest!? I kid lol.

I’ve stuck to practicing yoga.

And I mean hardcore, 6x a week hardcore. I signed up for a challenge called 40-Days: Elevate at Big Power Yoga and I can’t wait to share a blog post about my experience when it ends!

I cooked delicious tacos- my recipe is so bomb!

After 27 years of not cooking, I have a signature dish hehe.

French on pointe! French on point!

Even with everything on my plate, I’ve stuck to my commitment of polishing my french. I even bought myself a little handbook to practice my verbs.

Let me give you a mini lesson, repeat after me, “Je suis mignonne! Je suis la meilleure!” It means, “I am cute! I am the best!” Gotta remind yourself sometimes, guh.

I fu**ing killed it at work!

Its taken me so long to say that. It’s been an internal battle for me. I’ll scoop you on what I’ve learned at my first big girl job soon!

What have been your wins this week? I would love to know!



P.S. These are the accessories I am wearing in the photo and my absolute favorites right now. Especially the red suede and the 60’s vibe of the earrings. Dress is from Zara.

4 thoughts on “Pat Yourself on the Back

  • Reply Jessica mamyka de mi niña Inés October 9, 2017 at 3:56 am

    muy bonito muchas gracias justo lo que estaba buscando, me ha servido de mucha ayuda, son una preciosidad

    • Reply Zayda October 11, 2017 at 4:48 pm

      Ay gracias a ti!!!

  • Reply Raquel mamyka de Isabela October 6, 2017 at 4:48 am

    Me emcanta!! muchas gracias justo lo que estaba buscando, me ha servido de mucha ayuda, son preciosos

    • Reply Zayda October 6, 2017 at 7:34 am

      Gracias amor por leer! Ten un bonito día <3

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