7 Changes I’ve made since I Quit Fad Dieting

Hey Loves!

This year I decided that I would reach a new height with my fitness and my health! As you may know, I’ve tried my fair share of yoyo and fad diets; to name a few: Whole30, juicing, veganism, Slim Fast (back in the day), the military diet etc. None of these have worked for me LONG TERM so I have officially said GOOD-BYE to fad dieting!

Making this decision for myself has been liberating and has pushed me to think outside of the box when it comes to forming habits that I can stick to F0R LYF3, not just 30 days or a week, etc.

Here are 7 Changes/Habits I’ve made since  upgrading my lifestyle:

1. I eat a HUGE, protein packed breakfast

I used to skip breakfast, because my iced coffee was enough. However come lunch time, I was so miserable! Then I upgraded and started eating oatmeal everyday, but after analyzing my diet more, I realized that I do not eat enough protein. Instead of starting my day with a carb-heavy breakfast, I eat an egg, an egg white and 3 of the Applegate Peppered Turkey sausage links! I also add in a variation of veggies, depending on what I have in my fridge that day.
OH and I must say, it is sooo GEWD!

2. I eat berries everyday because of the fiber

I recently listened to a Skinny Confidential His and Her podcast episode discussing fiber. In the episode, it was said that most Americans are not reaching their suggested daily fiber intake, actually not even half! The main reason for this is because we tend to eat too many processed foods, which are stripped from fiber. The reason fiber is important is because it keeps you full longer, and helps ya you know what…
Luckily, berries are nature’s candy, are an easy snack you can throw into your lunch bag, and contain a TON of fiber and antioxidants (which are great for da skin). I know there are other ways you can get fiber like crackers and cereals, but I prefer a natural source!

3. I drink at least 80 oz of water… that is 4 Starbucks ventis of water, OKAY

Oh man, I used to loath drinking water!!! My bf used to have to hold up a cup of water up to my mouth, with a straw, every evening for me to have ONE CUP! I was so dehydrated and probably overate because of it, since we all know our bodies signal to us that we are hungry at times when we may only be thirsty. Not to mention, our bodies are made up of 60% water, which I was NOT providing. #Gross Ever since I started to drink more water, I have more energy!

4. I make my own coffee

Speaking of Starbucks^ I stopped going to Starbucks every dang day of my life! Now I make my own at home. Although I still use the Starbucks brand iced coffee you can get from the market (Medium Roast), I like making it at home, because I have control over how much sugar I am consuming. The almond milk or even soy from Starbucks has a ton of sugar, so I use the unsweetened kind at home! I recommend the HEB brand Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk due to its PERFECT consistency.

5. I use My Fitness Pal to help me understand and gage my meals

At the end of the day, fitness goals are all about science and numbers! I do not want anyone to OBSESS over numbers, but I do think that at the beginning of a new journey, it is nice to track these things so that you can gage what you ACTUALLY are eating such as what NUTRIENTS or the lack there off!
What I mean by this: What 100 calories of broccoli vs 100 calories of jalapeno chips (my fave) will do for you are two completely different things. By tracking what I am eating I uncovered that I was eating a high fat, low protein diet even if my calories were “correct”. I now track calories but more importantly the quality of my meals. The elements I like to look at are the amount of protein, fats, carbs, fibers, sugars, and vitamins I am taking. Again, I do not obsess but I do observe to LEARN and to make better decisions as I go on. P.S. Feel free to add me on there to see my food dairy. I’m under ZaydaCortez.

6. I ALWAYS pack my lunch

What I find is that packing my lunch for work is one of the easiest way for me to stay on track. Why? Because NOT packing my lunch is the easiest way to fall into that slippery slope of bad decisions.
Scenario I am referring to:
Oh I did not bring a lunch. I guess I will eat the pizza the office bought for us. Oh I already had pizza, I might as well have this soda with it and a cake to celebrate *inserts colleague’s name* birthday! *gets home from work* OH I already did so bad today, I will just order Pad Thai, skip my work out and start my diet tomorrow. (Tomorrow never comes…)
LOL Does that sound familiar?^ Because I have done this way too many times, I like to go to work prepared with a delicious lunch and about 2-3 snacks to hold me over during my long days at the office. Ever since I started doing this, it’s been so easy and FUN to eat cleaner all around.

7. I’m patient with my body and have accepted that losing weight SUSTAINABLY takes time

This is probably the thing that makes me the most antsy! I want to see results NOW! What keeps me positive, even if the scale may not change drastically like it has in the past, is how GREAT I feel! I also get a kick out of visualizing myself as a stronger, healthier and more confident version of myself!

I hope this helps anyone who is on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

I’m here if ya need me.



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