What I Learned at My First Big Girl Job

Houston Fashion Blogger in ASOS Petite

Houston Fashion Blogger in ASOS Petite

Houston Fashion Blogger Houston in ASOS Petite

Hey loves!

I’ve been working since I was 15. I’ve had my fair share of job titles, and that is exactly what every title was to me, a job! It wasn’t until I graduated college and landed my first “big girl job” that I went from having a job to having a career! For some reason, the thought of this, on top of being in a new environment seemed to overwhelm me to the point that I was often paralyzed by self-doubt.

I guess my inner-conflict was evident, because one day out of NO WHERE someone at work blatantly said to me, “You’re insecure.” On top of that, I was told this in front of a group of people! To say that I was embarrassed and bothered would be an understatement. It took everything in me to not burst into tears.

That night I went home and vented to my boyfriend about what happened, and I reflected.

I thought about how it would be easy to feel resentful towards my co-worker and to question why would anyone be OK with voicing such a thing, but if anything I took responsibility for allowing myself to be seen that way.

“This isn’t me!”

I thought about how my negative outlook wasn’t triggered by a moment or even a certain person, but simply the mere effect that one bad sentiment or moment of self-doubt can cause when you let it snowball into such.

I concluded that all my issues came from the fear of the following:

  • Not knowing how I fit in in my new environment
  • Not wanting people to think I was too silly, as my personality can be quite out there
  • Not wanting to drop the ball
  • Not knowing all the things, when I was used to feeling in control

After pin pointing my fears, I was able to actively work towards a new mentality! I decided that instead of allowing myself to be guided by my old thoughts, I would shift my mindset into a new one:

  • I will find my path with time
  • My personality and work ethic are my trademarks
  • I am proud of my contributions and will strive to do my best
  • I am here to learn, and I will never stop learning

I am so grateful for that moment that I was called insecure. Because of that moment, I was motivated to make a change and take control!

Recently, I’ve felt a lot more confident when it comes to my work and MYSELF. I’ve been able to ask more questions and have been OK with the possibility of making a mistake, thus being more open to challenges and risks. I’ve also allowed myself to let my personality finally shine through, which has been my favorite part cus y’all know I LOVE to crack a corny joke LOL.

Have you ever felt similar? Please share!



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  • Reply Gigglin Fan! October 31, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Very well written! You look so hot!!! Keep them comin’ girl! :))

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