5 Messy Girl Necessities

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Do ya’ll like the new camera quality? I said camera quality not photographer or model quality! LOL

Allen and I are still getting used to this new camera, but not horrible considering I was freezing my butt off and this was our first time… not that kind of first time, using this lens!


I’m going to try again this upcoming week. 🙂

Well anyway, I know this is the internet, and I’m supposed to be pretending to be perfect and collected, but man oh man am I one of the messiest girls you will ever meet.

I’m clumsy and careless. I often try to find ways to be better, but I’m a work in progress. That is why I want to give the load down on my 5 messy girl necessities! I carry these babies with me in my purse most of the time, and they are life savers!

Ready to make your life a little bit easier?


My sister introduced me to this last summer. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I’m that person you can guarantee will get a stain while wearing white, or any color for that matter. I just press this little pen against the stain and rub away with the tip and POW, it’s gone!



Pretty much self-explanatory, I just love sanitizer!



I not only use these to clean my hands (hot Cheetos are incriminating HA) but also my face if for some reason I smear my liquid lipstick or what not . Not to mention, I use these wipes to combat random little spills here and there like in my car.


I use my concealer on the go, because sometimes I rub my eyes too much, and get my mascara and or liner all over the place. I can always use the help! Also, back to number 3, if I have to clean my face a bit and reapply my lip colors, I can use this as a substitute for the foundation I rubbed off.


Oh Hallelujah for wrinkle releasers! I have the baby version of this, but essentially you spray it on that skirt you were sitting on for too long, or that top you accidentally creased, then pull, pull, pull to “iron” it back out!


Do you use any of these for the same reasons I do?

Any products or rituals you recommend for the messy ones out here?



P.S. I’m so short that the pants in photos are apparently meant to be cropped ^ LOL.

2 thoughts on “5 Messy Girl Necessities

  • Reply Alejandra January 11, 2017 at 11:41 am

    I understand your struggle. You’re doing awesome. Continue blogging

    • Reply Zayda January 11, 2017 at 2:08 pm

      Oh Ale! Thank you makes me so happy to hear from you. I love your support 🙂

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