Long Distance Relationships: How to Deal & Get Wifed Up

Long time no type, for real!

I was up brainstorming what I could bring to you next, and I came up with an idea!


So welcome to this new series. I’ve spoken to several women who are game to participate!

They are all interesting, inspiring, going after what they want and are beautiful inside and out!

I CANNOT wait for you to get to know them.

Funny enough, our first guest is my best friend, FAYE!

Faye is my #1 supporter. From this blog to even how I tie my shoes, if it makes me happy, she is happy for me! And we are now in a LDR ourselves as best friends LOL, but today we are covering her story involving her now husband, Oussama! As well as some tips on how to make a LDR work! Because although worth it, being in a long distance relationship is anything but easy.

“The only thing worse than dealing with the distance is not having you in my life.”

So let’s get into her super juicy story:

Zayda: Hey Faye! How did you and Oussama meet?

Faye: In 2011, we both were visiting our families in Lebanon. He was a family friend so he came by my grandparents’ house with his family for a visit. This was the first time that I learned of his existence. We didn’t talk, because we were both from absolutely different worlds. Like we didn’t talk at all, at all. But then he added me on Facebook, literally the next day. Which was shocking! Obviously, I accepted him, but we didn’t talk. In 2013, he added me on Insta, and would often like my pics. I didn’t think anything of it, till one day he updated his profile picture and I thought, “WOW! HE’S HOT!!!!” He’d grown up! Then I started paying attention to him liking my photos. I started to put more thought into what I posted in order to get his attention. It worked! ;). Finally, one day, I randomly decided to message him on Facebook. I tried to play it cool haha. Since I was going to Lebanon that summer, I asked if he was too and mentioned that maybe we could hang out since we both are the same age. I made it seem like I messaged a whole bunch of people that were also visiting that summer, but I really only messaged him. Although the difference was 8 hours, and it was late in his country, he quickly messaged me back saying that hanging out would be cool. I gave him my BBM info (this was a hot minute ago haha), and let him take the initiative of contacting me…which he did.

Zayda: How did you feel? 

Faye: I was super excited! I ran around screaming! And from that day on, we talked every single day! Except for a few “hard to get days” where I would purposely ignore him to see if he missed me.

Zayda: SO what happened when summer came?

Faye: Even though we talked everyday, his hints were hard to read. I didn’t know if he liked me or not. He said he would visit Lebanon at the end of August to hang out with me a few days. I wasn’t sure what to expect.  One day in June, we planned a beach day “together” where each of us would go to the beach in the country we were in, and we would send each other photos of our scenery (so corny). When I arrived to my beach, I sent him a picture. I laid down to tan and suddenly this guy came up and asked if the chair next to me was taken. I looked up and SAW HIM and his perfect smile!!!!! I freaked out, started screaming and shaking uncontrollably with my hands over my mouth.

Zayda: How did Oussama react? What did he say? And what was your first impression of him?

Faye: He appeared totally calm. I asked him why he was there. He said it was because he didn’t want to wait till August to see me. And my first impression was that his voice was so manly and that he was sooooooooooo hot!

Zayda: So did you guys click or not? (Obviously y’all did HA!)

Faye: We spent the next few days together. At first we were both shy, and I still couldn’t read him. I however did like him a lot, and I knew that immediately. Finally, one evening, we were at the beach hanging out on top of some rocks, and we decided to “talk.” I was annoyed because of my uncertainty of his feelings. I asked him what was going on with us. One thing led to another, and after him confessing that he liked me too, we concluded that we’d give this LDR thing a try.

Zayda: What made you two decide to take these feelings seriously and make the commitment?

Faye: We were so alike (still are) when it came to our values. We both are a mix of the Arab culture and the westernized mentality. It’s hard to find that. We also had an instant and deep connection. Oh, and he was hot hahaha. But in all seriousness, we had a deeper connection and because of the barrier (distance) we built a bond on a deeper level than just physical. We truly got to know each other.

Faye and Oussama shortly after they started dating.

Zayda: How did your LDR play out, and when did you finally reunite?

Faye: We were in a long distance for a total of three years.

After two years of dating, Oussama moved to Houston. Shortly after he proposed, he unfortunately relocated due to work. Therefore, once again, we were long distance,  but this time as a married couple. I have since then moved and we’ve lived together for 4 months.

Zayda: What were the pros and cons to the distance? 

Faye: The cons were feeling alone. Missing him terribly. Feeling like life was just a count down til the next time we would see each other.

The pros were finding excitement in the mundane, opening up to each other a lot more profoundly and making it a point to meet in gorgeous cities.

Canada, shortly after they were married.

Zayda: What tips would you give someone in a LDR?

Best Tips for Long Distance Relationships:

  • Decide if this person is worth it. Cus long distance relationships are a lot of work.
  • Be blunt. You don’t have time to waste. Be honest about your feelings and your motives.
  • Create an end goal to be at the same place.
  • Have a support system to keep you going.
  • Understand that many people won’t understand your relationship and will judge you.
  • Trust in your partner.
  • Know that it’s expensive so save up.
  • Find your interests and go full force to keep you sane and happy, like exercise, reading etc.
  • Foster intimacy in creative ways. Whether its sending a spontaneous gift, text, having “movie night” where you watch the same film and talk about it afterwards or during. Do something to feel connected to each other.
Personal words from Faye to you if you are enduring a LDR:

“If it feels right then you know it’s worth it. Stick it through, because you’ll be happier more than you’ll be sad. If you found a connection with someone that you haven’t found with anyone else, you’ll want to hold on and it will be worth it. Just remember that!”

Faye and Oussama now happily live together in Tennessee, where they are having a hoot making up for loss time. They travel the world together and make it a point to eat pizza in every city they visit. They both are very happy that they stuck out their long distance relationship!

You can find Faye and Oussama’s glob trotting adventures here!

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