I’m a B*&%* when I’m Sleepy

I once had a manager present me a video of a guy giving a speech about success. The speaker emphasized the sacrifices necessary, among those sacrifices was sleep.

“Do you want success more than you want sleep?’ Actually, pretend you read that in all caps with a preachy voice. “DO YOU WANT SUCCESS MORE THAN YOU WANT SLEEP?”

A lot of successful people like Gary Vaynerchuk preach the same. (I love him btw.) 🙂

Now, I’m no millionaire, but I am still going to give my two cents.

This is all NONSENSE!

The past week was HELL for me. It was about 7 days where I only gave myself 5 hours of sleep…And let me tell ya, it was dreadful.

—Let me tell you how—

Everything and everyone got on my nerves! 

I trained my mind to refrain from getting annoyed about things I cannot control. (Well I try.) The number one are the last minute mergers that cut the solid white line to get on the freeway. Not only is it RUDE, but it is ILLEGAL.

This is when I start yelling all kinds of “French” words in the morning. Not a good way to begin the day.

When I am sleepy, it is easy to get dramatically more angry over the small things.

I was LAZY and far from motivated/inspired.

When I get a good night’s sleep, I look forward to work and knocking my projects out of the park!

Last week was different. I was easily distracted, and I even took a nap on my desk. (Don’t worry, I was clocked out. But I do know someone who would take naps underneath her desk while clocked IN. hahaha)

A project that in my usual terms should have taken 2-3 days tops, took five. Talk about a waste of time! Plus, it made me hate the project because it was prolonged. I also didn’t write on my blog until Thursday, and skipped all of my jogs.

If you don’t care for productivity, you might care about this one:

I broke out!

When I don’t get my rest, I tend to get random blemishes here and there. Then I get lazy because my skin looks bad, and I don’t want to wear make up. Then I look raggedy, and my under eye bags scream, “HEY I DIDN’T SLEEP LAST NIGHT. I’M EXHAUSTED.” and I feed off of my look for the rest of the day.

To boost my energy… I ate more.  

Many people do this as well. It’s like a natural instinct. Or I do not eat enough, because I am too tired to even try to find food or cook. This is obviously terrible for my metabolism.

Whats the point of “not sleeping to achieve success” when you can take those extra 2 hours, invest them into your health, mood, immune system and appearance. Work faster, smarter, better and live with a lot more purpose for the rest of the day.

Tips for getting enough Rest:

Adults need around 7 hours of sleep to have a good productive day. When doing so you protect your immune system, memory and mood.

Plan a bed time.

You’re an adult. Part of being an adult is watching your own back so do yourself a favor, and plan it out. My new bed time is 11 p.m. You don’t have to go to sleep at 8:01 to be energized haha.

Get off your phone!

Yeah so you’re in bed ready to sleep, but you hop online to creep on your ex’s gf’s sister’s neighbor’s dog. GET OFFLINE. This is the most hazardous for me. I find a lot of inspiration from creeping on blogs, YouTube videos or clothing sites. This is also when I spend the most money…

Create a comfy ambiance in your room.

A neat bed helps at the very least. If you’re lazy like me just throw all of your clothes in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind haha..

Take your make up off early, and get in your jammies.

I tend to stay up later than I want because I dread taking off my makeup. Then I end up skipping my skin care routine an opting out for a wipie at 2 a.m.

Now good luck improving your mood, memory, immune system and those bags underneath your lovely eyes!

What are your best practices for getting a good night’s sleep?


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