Hurricane Harvey: What Do We Do Now? (UPDATED)

Hey loves!

If you are reading this, I hope it means that you are safe and well!

Hurricane Harvey caught many of us completely off guard. Personally, I knew that there would be flooding, but I never fathomed the true magnitude of the situation to come.

Up until Saturday night, nothing major had occurred around me. However, come Sunday morning we realized that our beloved Buffalo Bayou Park was completely submerged underwater. I also realized how many people lost or were stuck in their homes.

As of now, Bug and I are completely safe. We are grateful that despite our skepticism we stocked up on essentials. We are blessed beyond measure, because we have water, electricity and our families are safe.

I am hoping for the best and praying for everyone! I really don’t know what to think, how to act or process any of this. The only thing that I get right now is that I am incredibly fortunate. Therefore, I am trying to figure out how to give back and aide during this time.

Here are some Resources if you would like to help too!

The easiest and best way to help is through cash donations. “Unlike material donations, cash involves no transportation costs, shipping delays, or customs fees. It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods”.

Cash Donation Resources:

  • Texan’s very own J.J. Watt is now fundraising funds that will be 100% given to Houston survivors. Go here to donate!
  • Did you know that Houston is home to 575,00+ undocumented immigrants who are not illegible for government assistance? You can help via
  • The Red Cross up a way to donate to victims with a simple text. Text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. (Goes to you wireless bill.) You can also visit or call 1- 800-RED CROSS.


  • HEB is taking donations and giving away $100,000, as well as providing pop up stops that are distributing food for FREE!
  • SHOPSAYRAN.COM is a handmade jewelry shop based in LA. She will be donating a portion of sales from now to end of September!

Shop Sayran for Harvey


  • George R. Brown Convention Center
  • Lakewood Church
  • NRG Center
  • Houston Food Bank

Make sure you check out their Twitter accounts and websites to see what they are in need off. Information can vary by the hour!

Other Local Resources:

  • Beehive Boutique is collecting donations of breast pumps and diapers at their locations! Those who donate receive 15% off their purchase.
  • Your local church or school (vary by location).

I will update this as I find out more information!

Sending prayers and love.



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