How to Stay Motivated and Achieve your Goals + My 2017 Resolutions





Oh Lord, it is almost 2017! If you are anything like me, you are preparing to hit the ground running!

I’m all about setting goals and giving myself the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate.

If you had a shitty year, don’t worry. I can tell you 2015 was the worst year of my life, yet 2016 was the best! You just never know what life has in store!

This is your time to shake it off, if you need to. Stop thinking about your failures, your losses and concentrate on the lessons and your opportunities.

My New Year ritual includes getting a new notebook and planner (omg yay!).

I use the notebook to:

  1. Write down all of my goals (I also add them to my phone).
  2. Why I think I deserve to attain them.
  3. How I will achieve them. Each goal must include at least 1 action item.

I use the planner to schedule my action items and track my results whether it’s by the week or month.

I pour my heart into my notebook when I am excited and motivated about what’s to come. I sometimes reread it when I am feeling down. I have to be my own motivator so this helps. Although, I never get discouraged (at least not permanently), when I don’t see results right away.

Right off the bat I can tell you that my resolutions for 2015 (written December 2014 if you think about it) included leaving retail sales and transitioning into marketing, getting my own place and a pup. Also to blog, and back then my goal was to post once every other week. None of these happened into late 2016. Not because I was not trying, it just wasn’t my time, but I kept trucking and looking towards the day where I would make them happen.

That is why I love to write down my resolutions/goals, and recommend you do the same. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Some of my resolutions/goals for 2017 include:

Continue to grow in my career

I have to say the first step towards this is to stop putting myself down. I’ll go more into this sometime soon, but essentially I need to carry myself with confidence and do my absolute best day in and day out, volunteer for additional tasks, and to not be afraid to ask questions. I spoke to my boss, and we developed a road map for the year to help me master new skills!

Take French Courses

This has been on my to-do list for the past two years. I am so proud of myself for learning a new language as an adult, but obviously the lack of practice has made me a little dusty. My main priorities are to polish my speaking and improve my writing. I promised myself to take some courses before June and to watch at least one French movie or Youtube video a week.

Visit NYC with Allen for our “anniversary trip”

There’s not much brainpower to this one other than to save the money and take the days off. It’s just crazy that I’ve been to like 10 countries but have never visited The Big Apple. HA

Be consistent with my blog

Ideally, I would love to have a consistent schedule for you, so that you know when to check back for content. I’m still working on 3x a week and want to add on specific days. I’ve been working on an editorial calendar to help me achieve this.

With that being said, don’t go all “new year. who diz?” on me. I highly encourage you subscribe to my blog (at the bottom of the page you can input your email).  Make it a resolution to read my posts every time a new one comes out. HAHAHA

No, but seriously what is one of your resolutions?

I love you, babes! Happy New Year!

Stay Positive and Bisous


2 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated and Achieve your Goals + My 2017 Resolutions

  • Reply Parmida January 2, 2017 at 12:28 pm


    I really enjoyed your post. I hope you achieve all your resolutions and I soon read your NYC post when you are celebrating your anniversary there!
    Keep up the great work gorgeous! I have to buy me one of this calendar too. Way too cute!<3

    • Reply Zayda January 5, 2017 at 7:42 pm

      Awe thank you, Parmida! Like wise! I love seeing your lovely face on my feed. Let me know if you do try their planners!!! They’re just too fun 🙂

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