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Hey Loves,

When I started blogging I was constantly asking my boyfriend or my sister to take photos of me for my blog. I really love and appreciate their help, but realistically they do not always have time to help me.

After skipping posts weeks at a time, because I didn’t have anyone to take my photos, I decided to take matters into my own hands!

This post will cover how to take photos of yourself for a fashion blog (or for life in general). You could even use these tips to take your own photos when traveling solo!

Your friends are going to ask, “How did you learn to take pictures of yourself to look like a model?” OH dayum.

LOL JK I know I am no Gigi Hadid, but I took all of the photos in this post myself, and I am going to show you how!

First lets get down to the basics!

Remember these tips to achieve the best possible results.

  • Know your angles
    • I think we all have a prettier side better known as our “good side”. Even beauties like Marianna Hewitt (*left*), Sazan Hendrix (*left*) and Nathasha Oakley (*right*) have a better angle. You’ll notice they all pose with their (*good side*) facing the camera.
  • Choose what you are concentrating on
    • Is it your shoes, your face, a piece of jewelry, a monument? The rest of the photo will cater to your main focus.
  • Pick a great location
    • You can look super pretty, but if your background is ugly or messy, you will prob not love your photos as much.
    • You can find really gorgeous yet secluded locations that way you won’t feel as shy.
  • Take advantage of the sunlight
    • Best times to shoot are in the mornings before noon or afternoons after 4:30 or so, because you will avoid harsh shadows and showcase colors and textures in the most flattering way.
  • Make sure your face (or whatever the focus is) is facing the source of light (the sun)
    • The biggest rookie mistake when taking photos is facing away from the sun. The sun is your friend and a real life beauty filter!

Here are the Tools you will need:

    • Tripod

  • Camera that works with a clicker


  • Camera with a timer.

I personally use the following the Canon a5100. I find it really helpful because of its front facing screen.

Note: I prefer to use the timer in the camera, because then my hands are free. When you have a clicker you’ll tend to hide your hands like the photo below. Looks weird…

Technical Assistance:

Play around with the angles. You can adjust the tripods legs to get the most flattering angles of yourself.

I prefer for my photos to be cohesive in lighting, so to do this choose if you will be consistent with your flash settings and be weary about sunset.

My biggest challenge:

  • Getting the camera to focus on you after you’ve stepped away
    • I usually have to take like 200 photos to get about 20 good ones hah. I am working on finding a solution. Will report back.This is what I mean ^ majority of my photos come out blurry and washed out tbh. I’m just being honest *Future voice*
  • Finding a variation of angles
    • It’s easier to find gorgeous angles like you lying on a tree branch or diving off a cliff when someone is helping LOL but I work with what I’ve got.
    • Tips: 
    • Eye level- head on shots to look more editorial/ professional.
    • To slim your appearance you can take the photo pointing from the top down.
    • To appear taller then the best angle to shoot in is from the bottom up.
  • Coming off as a Narcissist

How not to come off as a narcissist:

The most daunting part of self portraits are the people that will see you taking a 138734 photos of yourself. I know, HOW EMBARRASSING! Everyone is going to think you’re conceited and annoying.

Actually, it’s really easy to dodge that bullet.

If anyone asks what you are doing say you are taking a photography class at school and your assignment is to shoot a self-portrait.

Frankly, most people are very nice. They will compliment you, give you tips on other great locations and worst case just ignore you.

I really had to pump myself up for this shoot. Thoughts included, “Who cares what these people might think. You will never see them again!”

And this is true. The longer you stand there posing, the more you will start to relax.

Disclaimer: I know my photos are not the best in the game, but I rather have these than nothing at all. I will obviously keep practicing to make them better! But just like anything in life, practice makes perfect. 🙂

I hope these tips help you in your blogging journey, while traveling solo or even when you’re wondering how to take good pictures of yourself for Instagram! We all love to post a bomb selfie hehe.

Let me know if this post helped or if you have questions. I am happy to help you! If you give these tips a go, make sure you tag me in your photo, cus I want to seeee.


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6 thoughts on “How To Take Your Own Photos

  • Reply Mary April 25, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    Definitely need the tripod!! Thank you so much for the tips!! Casually This week I was really worry because my husband and friends like you say sometimes can’t help , And I want to blog more , so this helped me so much!! thanks hon!XD

    • Reply Zayda April 25, 2017 at 10:58 pm

      Yes babe! Try to get one that’s around 60 inches. That’s the longest I’ve seen. So you have more control w the angles! You will get some lovely shots. The hardest part is to not be shy in front of other people LOL like I said, most are so nice anyway! thank you for reading!!!

  • Reply Ana Rodriguez April 25, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Hi love I missed reading your blogs I am here trying to catch up! I apologize I’ve been a bit busy but I’m here now lol .. Thank you for always such a down to earth girl and always giving us your best advices no matter! Truly honest all the time ! Hope you are doing great

    • Reply Zayda April 25, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      hey boo! I’ve missed your presence! No need to apologize to me. I appreciate your lovely words and for reading even one word.
      You’re awesome. Hope you and the baby doll are doing great!!! 🙂

  • Reply Faye April 25, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    All tips NOTED for my next vacation. We never ask for anyone to take our pictures no matter how much we think we will!

    • Reply Zayda April 25, 2017 at 10:48 pm

      and while you’re at it you can take solos since our boys slack sometimes hahahha

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