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Oh, here we go. Yet another lifestyle blog HAHAHA
… but HELLO and thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Zayda Cortez, the creator of Zayda.Blog.


I’m a 20-something-year old native Houstonian. I have lived here all of my life with the exception of six months that I lived in Paris, France. I studied French while I was there, so I now consider myself 2.4-lingual. I speak fluent English, Spanish and I wouldn’t die if you plopped me in France! (That is where “bisous” comes into play. It means kisses in French hehe.)

The past year I struggled to find my identity. I will go more into that at a later time. Luckily, I finally reached the point where things are starting to make sense. I am discovering what exactly brings me happiness.

What makes Zayda feel alive?

I love to travel, glam-up, listen to random songs, ride bikes. I love trying new things and exploring new places. I love meeting new people and making others laugh (corny jokes ftw). Most importantly, I love to help others feel empowered and confident.

A great way for me to integrate everything (for my entertainment and to remain SANE) is for me to bring you this blog!

Essentially, I want this blog and my channel to be a site that you can visit when you want inspiration for feeling glam, when you need a pick-me-up, want to crack up, and most importantly need a reminder that:

YOU ARE SO FUCKING PERFECT, and the world is your oyster!

Welcome to my Houston lifestyle blog.

I truly hope you enjoy.




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*I may earn a small commission, if you choose to purchase directly from the links in my blog. I use the earnings to reinvest into my content, because trust me, maintaining this blog ain’t free or cheap. LOL*

Honestly have not earned a .01, but I have to add this in for legal purposes hahah. I love you!

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