Healthy Starbucks Breakfast Options


When I wrote about my $2 iced coffee from Starbucks (that’s under 20 calories), a lot of you loved it! I still get questions about it.

I thought today I would share the healthier breakfast options as well.

I love to alternate these options for the days I forget my food on the counter, didn’t care to plan out what to eat or just plain craving a full on Starbucks treat (that reward life). I know, I know there’s nothing better than cooking your food at home, but it is still nice to have things you can opt-in to if ya need to.

Filling and Simple: Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal

So plain but so easy. I love eating oatmeal, because it keeps me full for a while and it’s easy to eat while driving or in between work assignments. The steel-cut oatmeal comes with dried fruit, nuts and brown sugar. I eat it plain though.

The new commodity: Sous Vide Egg Bites

This is new, and I have not yet tried, however I am extremely curious. I love eggs so bite sized versions look like a good time to me. They come in two ways: Egg White & Red Pepper (also has Monterrey jack cheese and spinach) or Bacon & Gruyere.

My absolute favorite: Protein Box

This one is my favorite! In one small box you can find a hard-boiled egg, sliced apples, grapes and white cheddar cheese with multigrain muesli bread and peanut butter. (I don’t ever eat the cheese or the yolk.) I make this box last for breakfast AND a mid-day snack. SO MUCH FOOD. If you’re a health nut, I recommend the Protein Box on leg day, when you’re burning a lot of calories and need energy.

For the raw vegans/ anti-processed food folks: Banana

Yeah, this ain’t a joke. I sometimes buy bananas from Starbucks. Of course, it hurts my wallet a bit to think of over spending on a plain banana, but if I am starving and want something that is not processed and quick, the banana is my go-to. Does anyone else ever go on strikes against processed food? LOL


I hope this helps those days you’re on the go and need to get a quick bite in.

Anything you want to recommend to me?

I will see you Monday, my loves!




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