The Best Places to Shop in Houston- You’re going to look hot AF

If you are like me, you normally tend to shop online. However, at times an in person experience is needed due to a last minute event, you want to make a date out of it, or just want to try on the clothes.

Saturday I decided to explore a bit and try out local Houston shops. I was raving out the earrings I have on in the photo and said I would share!

For now I have three stores that you NEED to know about, but as I find more treasure spots, I will let you know!

The first is Beehive

This one is my favorite as you can tell. I won’t shut up about it. They have the prettiest jewelry, clothing and decor. I wish I could spend my entire check there but ya know, #priorities LOL. Take a look at their Instagram and blog to see what I mean. *inserts heart eyes*

So out of my element but so adorable! Plus, look at that dressing roooom.

Next is Planet Blue

This is a place I would go if I was looking for a sexy and unique outfit for a special occasion. They carry For Love and Lemons and many other incredible brands. I love their Houston Instagram because their models look relatable (you can tell they are local girls) yet elevated (because they are so damn pretty!).

Can I be her? She is so gorgeous!!!! #girlcrush

The last is Poppy Clothing

I heard about it via Hey! Wendy Vanessa when I saw her wearing one of their dresses in this post. She is hosting an event there this month and I cannot wait to shop!

This list will grow as my uncoverings do. You are welcome to check back for more! Let me know where your favorite and best places to shop in Houston are!



2 thoughts on “The Best Places to Shop in Houston- You’re going to look hot AF

  • Reply Thelma May 10, 2017 at 12:15 am

    Def gonna check out those shops esp because they’re right around the corner from me! Sidenote: the girl you have a #girlcrush on is someone I went to HS with lol! Small world.

    • Reply Zayda May 10, 2017 at 3:44 pm

      hahahah really?! so what school is this? All the cuties went there shoot LOL I love your style so I can’t wait to see what you pick out!!! Might bop you hahaha 😀

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