Bedroom Decor Wishlist

Hey loves!

Hope this week is treating ya well.

As for me, I’ve used my spare time to redecorate my bedroom. Here are some of the pieces that I look forward to investing in or at least using as inspiration!

1. Lucious White Bedding. ME WANT!

2. A bench with a pop of color and an interesting fabric like velvet. It’s also nice that you could make your own. Just search “diy tufted bench”.

3. Faux fur decorative pillows, or who knows maybe I will opt out for a floor mat.

4. Candles, and every blogger has this one ha.

5. Wooden headboard. Right now I don’t have one which I like, then again, I think a nice headboard could bring the room together.

6. Unique lamp. I love one that is elegant yet modern.

7. Red persian rug. I want one sooo much, but they are pricey. OF COURSE I like the pricey stuff LOL WHY!?

8. Full Length Mirror. I’ve seen great options at Ikea as mirrors can be expensive.

9. Paintings of women. I want a gallery wall full of paintings of different kinds of women. I know, how Poison Girl of me.

10. Night stands. We don’t have any of those either. At least not that we (I) like lol. I would enjoy acrylic, but it’s hard to clean so I may pass. Any ideas what would work?

11. Plants! Fig trees are my fave. Basic but fave.

What do you think of this look? Any suggestions on where I could find these pieces for an affordable price?



3 thoughts on “Bedroom Decor Wishlist

  • Reply xoxojack June 2, 2017 at 12:40 am

    I love everything!!! On the side tables you could always try tin or metal with glass, but the vintage looking ones… like so

    I myself have a metal one and its so easy to clean of course style of your choice

  • Reply Thelms May 31, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Obsessed with decorating! I’ve been thinking of adding some pieces to my bedroom especially! Shockingly enough I’ve never been to Ikea, so I plan on making a trip super soooon!

  • Reply Brenda May 31, 2017 at 5:08 am

    love it all!!! I love re-decorating. Im currently working on our entry living room … well not really “working” we bought the paint this past Sunday and its still sitting there lol, but I have created the mood board for it already. It can get really expensive but totally worth it. Try to hit up HomeGoods for pieces also sign up for emails at your favorite home decor stores sometimes they send out coupons.

    I love Diptyque! I have one in each room. I love your wishlist. Cant wait to see the progress of your bedroom.

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