How to be Independent in a Long Term Relationship

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Hey loves!

Today I want to talk about being independent even when you are in a long term relationship. I’ve lived with my boyfriend now for almost a year, and we’ve been together for even longer. You can read about how it’s been living together here .

It’s feels great to have someone to come home to, to trust, to love. However, even in a long term relationship, I think it’s important for us to remain ourselves and to do some things on our own.

Being independent doesn’t mean you don’t want a man. It means that you know how to love yourself, think for yourself and make sh*t happen, indefinitely. 

Here are a few things to consider:

Remember your Interests

Have any of you met that girl that likes everything her boyfriend does? Like if her boyfriend plays soccer, she all of sudden is the biggest fan! Or if her boyfriend is vegetarian, she now can’t stand the smell of ribs, when she use to grub on ’em for dayz?! LOL

I think we all know that girl. Don’t be that girl.
There’s a reason certain things make your heart sing. Do those things. 🙂

BF: Can you stay home and play on the PS4 with me?
Me: “BUUU… No. I don’t care about your lil’ Call of Duty game. I’m leaving to shop! lol”

Take a Time Out

In long term relationships, its easy to get caught up in routines. Once in a while, take yourself out on a date. Skip that cuddle sesh to take a time out to reflect, meditate or do nothing!

It will make both of you miss each other more and foster a healthier relationship.

Hang out with the Homiez

Don’t make the same mistake I did… I fell off the face of the earth, and when my relationship crashed (not that yours will), I was completely alone.

This time around, I make it a point to be there for my friends. Realistically, we can’t hang out everyday etc. Our lives aren’t a  SATC episode (although I wish they were).

Either way, we can all make it a priority to hang out with our loved ones, and be there for each other.

Make it Rain aka Maintain Financial Independence

I understand that some women have the luxury/ need to leave the work force for their families, but I think it’s important to always have a backup plan.

Would you be able to support yourself or provide additional assistance to your family should you need to?

Stay sharp, babe! Stay woke hahaha…

Always Pursue Your Dreams

This is self-explanatory. A loved one should compliment and support your dreams, not make you change them while you live in regret.

You must understand that love never keeps a (wo)man from pursuing (her) Personal Legend. If (s)he abandons that pursuit, it’s because it wasn’t true love…

-Paulo Coelho via The Alchemist

Now you go live your #relationshipgoals but stay independent too! 🙂



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