Thinking is More Stressful than Doing: How to Stop Worrying and Start Moving

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A while ago I vented on Instagram about all of the stress that comes from thinking. You know, that lingering thought about that pending task. These thoughts take up so much of your energy, even though the actual task itself only takes a few minutes.

These tasks can be anything from cleaning your car, mailing in something, calling/ or texting back someone you left hanging, the list… goes…on! Needless to say, I feel like these are the thoughts that ruin my life!

Have you had these as well?

After fighting this internal battle what I felt like my entire life, I’ve come up with a system to help ease the stress!

Plan Ahead

I like to plan my week in advance. I’ve spoken about this before here .
I suggest you schedule a time to tackle the tiny tasks, and remind yourself, “Hey! Don’t worry about it. You already allocated time for it.” The trick is to do it, when you say that you are!

Learn to Say No

The cool thing about planning is that once you do, you get a good idea of what actually fits into your schedule. I recently heard someone say, “Your yes means nothing until you learn to say no.” Maybe you are overwhelmed because you really are saying yes to too many things. Keep in mind that everything you say yes to is a choice, and no is a full sentence!

Ask For Help

Team work makes the dream work! That team can be your co-workers, your family a friend. It’s better to ask for help than to have tasks piling up.

Remember Why It’s Important

If thinking about something is causing you stress, that means it’s probably important to you! When you pin point why that task is important in the greater scheme of your lovely life, use that thought to fire some motivation under your @ss! If you can’t seem to gather the moti, then look at it this way, for most folks doing brings motivation. Not the other way around.

Hope this helps!





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