My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience with Juicewell Houston


Happy Monday, loves!

As many of you know, I did a 3-day juice cleanse this past week. I want to share the experience with you here!

What exactly is a cleanse?

The 3-day juice cleanse like the name suggests cleanses your body from any impurities that come from a poor diet.  It also helps reset your system from bad habits by giving your digestive system a break and testing your norm. It is a learning experience and a mental challenge.

I personally decided that this would be a great thing to do for my body, because I was craving unhealthy foods over the ones that I KNOW my body needs and deserves. I was feeling moody, tired (even after sleeping 8 hours, I didn’t want to get up) and anxious. I get anxious when I know that I’m making unhealthy choices too frequently.

Boom I decided to give the cleanse a go. Plus, I’d always been curious.

Where did I get my juices?

I reached out to a local juice bar in Houston, named Juicewell that I stumbled upon one day after work.

What I like about Juicewell:

  • Delicious taste
  • Juices are made fresh daily, this way they retain their nutrients and taste longer for you
  • Quality of ingredients “organic when possible, local when available” -never frozen
  • Cleanse provides 5 juices a day and on the third day they throw in an almond milk (it was beyond scrumptious btw)
  • Juices deliver 15 servings of fruits and vegetables a day
  • Everyday the juices varied. Never the same mix. Always good. My favorites are: Koko, Sweet & Sour, Supreme Being
  • The proximity to me as opposed to ordering online (I don’t have to think about my juice being transported and what it went through to arrive)
  • The staff- they take their time asking questions to uncover what you prefer
  • Packaging- juices come in glass bottles (most places offer plastic)
  • They offer delivery (just please tip the driver)
  • Consultation with the owner, Wen, who explains the benefits and answers any questions you may have
  • Moral support (Wen often texts his customer to check up on them)

    Juicewell Houston on Richmond

    Juicewell Houston on Richmond

So how was it? How did I feel?

The first day of the cleanse, felt a little like my first few days on Whole30 except I didn’t cry. My head was aching terribly, because I’d cut the caffeine. I also noticed that although I was giving my body the nutrients that it needed, I felt hungry during the times that I am used to eating which were lunch and dinner time.

To help ease this pain, I chugged a lot of water. Water infused with lemon really helped as the flavor gave me a relief of satisfaction.

The second day was better, but what really struck a chord was when I was with co-workers during lunch time. My team was eating delicious sandwiches and pizza… and me, juice. LOL I kept reminding myself that after the cleanse I would feel great, but if I gave in, I would regret it. I also went to an event that night. I had to pass on yummy sangria and bites, but I stayed strong.

The third day, I woke up feeling GREAT! I was up earlier than usual (by choice). I felt light and happy. This was on Friday, so I headed to work, where once again I had to stay strong around my co-workers who were snacking and eating delicious foods.

We worked close to 12 hours this day, so I was with them for a loooong time. After work, my boyfriend attempted to be “romantic” so we headed to a bar with a really gorgeous patio (It’s called Watson’s in case you are wondering). I was sipping on my water with lemon. I was feeling pretty satisfied I’d just finished my almond milk (omg again, it was heavenly). Allen and I were laughing and touchy-huggy, but once his food arrived, he noticed my mood change dramatically. I began to think of ways to justify cheating. For example, I told myself I could have a soup because it was liquid, or a salad because they were veggies. This would be ok if I was actually hungry, but I wasn’t. I simply wanted the comfort that having a meal with my significant other on a Friday night brings.

He ended up feeling bad for me so we went home soon after and I fell asleep.


The next morning I felt rejuvenated. I was so happy that I did not cave! My mood improved drastically, and I lost a few pounds. Although, I didn’t do the cleanse to lose weight.

I felt extremely energetic so I redecorated and rearranged my bedroom LOL! I also wasn’t tempted to make unhealthy choices went I went out for lunch with my family! Which was my main goal!

Needless to say, I felt accomplished!

Now time for some FAQ’s

Who is eligible for a juicing cleanse?

Anyone with an interest for improving their health and up for the mental challenge. Although, I am not a physician so consult yours before beginning if you’d like.

Should I prep for the cleanse?

You don’t have to, but cutting out sugar, caffeine and animal products a few days before beginning will really help you transition into an easier experience.

What if I can’t handle the hunger and need to eat?

The point is to make it easy for your body to cleanse, hence do not give it anything hard to digest. If you must eat, go for water based fruits and veggies like cucumbers and watermelon.

Can I exercise?

Yes, you can. But keep it light as your body is probably already in a shock from the sudden change of diet. After your body is accustomed and gains that boost of energy that juicing brings, then go back to your normal routine.

Why should I pay for juices that I can make myself?

If you have the self-discipline and dedication to make your own juices, do it! Great! You will save money for sure. I personally do not own a juicer nor do I have the self-discipline to do this alone. I knew I had to outsource to make this experience feel official and to create the convenience that comes from someone doing it for me. When forming new habits, convenience is what helps most people stick to it.

What should I eat post cleanse?

I was suggested to stick to a vegan diet for a few days, no animal products. This way you can continue to cash in the benefits.

Will I lose weight?

Juicing may help you lose weight, but I wouldn’t do it for that reason alone.  It is a great way to start, but it’s not a sustainable weight loss method on its own. You have to plan to improve your current eating habits and continue in the right direction to see long term and permanent results.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! Juicing brings you energy, clarity, happiness and a satisfaction that only comes to those who stick to their goals. Also, it’s fantastic for those who need to nip bad habits in the butt hehe.

However, I wouldn’t want to juice forever, as I do still have an emotional attachment to food when it comes to the social aspect. #babysteps #moderation

What did you learn?

I learned that we often tell ourselves we can’t do something, but we can. We just don’t want to. I had an array of people say to me, ” I can’t do that. I can’t survive on just juice.” but you can!

Food bring us comfort, entertainment and pleasure. We may be eating a lot but not fueling our bodies. One juice often brings more value to your body that what most people eat in an entire day.

I learned to ask where the produce is coming from. Many juice bars will say that they are organic, but use frozen fruits and veggies, or sometimes even… concentrate. Basically, always ask what you are buying!

Anything that I missed? Leave me a comment below or send me a message. I am happy to answer any questions and/or be your mental booster if you decide to give juicing a go.



P.S. If you would like to learn more about Juicewell click here to visit their website. Although, I would highly recommend you go check it out in person. 🙂


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